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What do we do?

At The Forks aims to bring people and communities together through the power of food. How you choose to utilize our applied culinary expertise, our extensive restaurant management experience, or our local network of farms, talent, and businesses, is up to you!

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Restaurant Consulting

Our ever-shifting and notoriously difficult industry make a consulting partner a valuable asset to newcomers, adept veterans or anyone in between. From start-ups to fully operational restaurants, each situation is very unique and we're happy to offer meaningful support at any involvement level. Here's just a handful of the many operational and marketing related items we can assist you with:


  • Focused and effective brand building and reconditioning

  • Inspired menu development including efficient costing and production standards, through to customer engaging layouts

  • Inventive promotional campaigns and advertisement strategies

  • Training strategies to streamline service processes to maximize profits

  • Sourcing the best farmers, purveyors and technology providers 


Project Management

The pace and complexity of our modern market combined with seemingly never ending staffing issues has spared virtually nobody in the hospitality industry. As a restaurant owner you may frequently find yourself so caught up in keeping the business running, that you have little time and flexibility to run the business! Just need a little help finishing those pesky training guides or standardized recipes? Or arranging a new marketing campaign and sourcing new local farms or purveyors? Designing a business expansion? We can help. Let us assist you in bringing your business to its fullest potential! 


Community Education

At The Forks believes that excellent food is at root of building communities. The knowledge and confidence of how to prepare them, while also being supportive of local farmers and makers, should be available to all who wish to learn. We offer many cooking classes, from knife-skill basics to more unique and intuitively driven learning experiences. Check our social media for more information on our scheduled learning events! Or reach out directly if you would like to schedule a private class for family and friends, or for your business as a unique team building event.


Personal Chefin'

Do you have a special occasion that you'd prefer to celebrate with a custom menu? Our holistic approach to meals and gatherings make us an easy choice for those who value meals prepared from local ingredients for thoughtful family style spreads of up to 20 people. New American cuisine is at the core of our expertise, but we look forward to working with you to build a creative menu that can accommodate any theme or dietary restriction. 

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